Today I Was the Recipient of Bold Love

car in snow
Just yesterday I posted about Bold Love. Today I received it from a group of strangers. Here is the story I posted on my town’s FB Group I wanted to share. There is such goodness to be found in this world, if we but keep our eyes wide open. Oh and when you read this, please keep in mind that this morning temps in my part of the world were -30 degrees. That’s cold y’all!!

An apology and a shout out:

This morning as I found myself hydroplaning on ice on McKinley Avenue, I turned into a snow bank to avoid rear ending the car in front of me (visions of a 10 car pile up in the drop off line quickly fueled this split second decision). But then I was stuck and my tire was spinning. I tried shoveling out, but to no avail.

So I offer a big apology to all those who were slowed down and prevented from a quick drop off of kids today in front of GHS. That was me slowing traffic and then blocking it for a minute.

What happened next gave me such great joy, I need to give a BIG SHOUT OUT:

I watched as a group of young men and one young woman, eyeing the situation from across the street, quickly acted. One went and got his truck, pulling into the opposite lane. Waiting for a moment when they could stop traffic, the others connected the chain from the truck to the back of my SUV and within seconds, freed me from the snow.

THIS…on the coldest morning of the year, when they were putting themselves at risk for being late to school. I don’t know their names yet–I think they were mostly seniors–but they were AMAZING and unselfish and give me hope for the present and the future.

So to all of you GHS students who helped out a mom today–thank you!!! And to all of your parents–your kids gave you reason to be proud today ❤️


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