Gone, but Still Near

Basking in the presence of my grandmother’s lavish love with my siblings and cousin.

Always pouring forth lavish and extravagant love. That is how I remember her. We each took turns visiting her for an overnight at her apartment above a storefront on Milwaukee Avenue in Libertyville. There were trips to the movie theater and trips to the park next door. There were visits to the bakery for fresh bread and sweets, visits to the deli to buy the ham she used to make delicious sandwiches. There were always moments to walk hand in hand; there was never a time when she didn’t answer yes when we asked her for one of those mints in her purse. And even though she had that scary picture of a conquistador hanging on her wall that all of us grandchildren hated, it never kept us away. Her love was greater than our fear.

She left us for heaven 42 years ago today, but she has her ways of letting us know she is still near and her love for us is stronger than ever.

Miss you, Mamoo ❤

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