Be Still and Know I Am

Be still and know I am.

Today I began the last day of this complicated year with a walk through the snowy forest at dawn. The mantra running through my head on a loop was “Be still and know I am.”

There is so much to unpack from this year that we will probably be unpacking for years to come. But what I can recognize today is that moving through nature all throughout the changing seasons was an absolute lifesaver.

While immersed in the cathedral of nature I sensed that although everything around us was changing, some things remain unchangeable. Be still and know I am.

Feeling the ground beneath my feet, surrounded by breathtaking beauty I somehow grasped that these things were both true—My life in the big picture is in some ways most insignificant AND the One who created me loves me extravagantly and this love imparts great significance to my life. Be still and know I am.

As we bid adieu to this year, may we embrace the bright spots we discovered in its darkness and carry them forth into 2021 ♥️

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